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The grid-connected of the No.1 unit of the SS Poweer I Project was successful

At 14:06 on May 24, witnessed by all parties, the grid-connected of the No.1 unit of the SS Poweer I Project was successful. 

Unit from May 21 the boiler ignition start, to May 23 22:10 steam turbine smoothly to 3000 r/min, and smoothly through the overspeed test, generator open short circuit test, no-load test, excitation characteristics test and a series of work, on May 24 14:06 successfully connected to the grid. 

Considering that the owner’s coal supply is insufficient and the external power grid is not ready for full load (currently the temporary line can only transport 504MW at most), the project has reached a consensus with the owner and will temporarily shut down after reaching the maximum load (504MW), send a claim letter to the government and try to get compensation from the government later. At the same time, the blowing of Unit 2 will be started immediately, and the maximum load will be reached before the end of next month. 

According to the power purchase Agreement and Implementation Agreement (PPA/IA) between the owner and the government, the project should be connected to the grid within four months after the ITF. The government has not completed the power transmission line yet, so we are taking the initiative. 

The grid-connected of the Unit 1 is successful . It`s not only verified the quality of our equipment and installation, but also demonstrated the "efficiency" and "responsibility" of our team to the government, the syndicate, the owners and other relevant parties. Next, the project will continue to carry forward the TIEJUN spirit of "self-improvement, persistence, science and transcendence", continue to strive and forge ahead, keep in mind the original intention and mission, complete the follow-up tasks of the project with high quality and efficiency, and create benefits for the company to the greatest extent.