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Taweelah Project won the 2023 Global Water Award - Desalination Plant of the Year 2023.

On May 9, the 2023 Global Water Summit hosted by Global Water Intelligence (GWI), the most authoritative international water agency in the global water industry, was held in Berlin, Germany.Taweelah Project won the 2023 Global Water Award - Desalination Plant of the Year 2023.

The Global Water Summit was first held by GWI in 2006, focusing on global water development. It has a history of 17 years. With its unique charm, it has continuously attracted the active participation of senior leaders of industrial enterprises, governments and international water companies around the world. The Global Water Award is an important award for the world water industry and is known as the Oscar of the water industry. On May 9th, under the watchful eyes of representatives from hundreds of governments and enterprises, Taweelah Project stood out and won the "2023 Global Water Award - Desalination Plant of the Year 2023".

As the world’s largest reverse osmosis membrane desalination project, Taweelah Project has a daily total of about 900,000 tons of fresh water. The project introduces technologies and products from more than 10 countries in the world, and adopts the world’s advanced reverse osmosis membrane desalination technology. Every 10,000m ³ of seawater can be converted into about 37500m³ of fresh water, with a conversion rate of about 37.5%. In the world’s advanced level. The reverse osmosis membrane desalination technology combined with the auxiliary photovoltaic compensation power generation system can effectively reduce energy consumption. When completed, it will replace the existing desalination facilities and greatly optimize the water production structure of Abu Dhabi.

At present, two Groups of the project have achieved COD, which can meet the water demand of nearly 1 million local households at full capacity, greatly easing the shortage of fresh water resources in the UAE, and benefiting the people’s livelihood in the UAE as well as local economic and social development.

This award is the affirmation of all the cadres and staff of the project for 4 years of effort and sweat, but also further encouraged everyone’s morale, the project team will take this opportunity to make continuous efforts, work hard, speed up the follow-up work, as soon as possible to complete the PCOD.