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Saudi Red Sea Project Department 33kV photoelectric composite


On January 15, the construction of the 33kV submarine cable of the Saudi Red Sea Project Department was completed, marking the successful realization of another major milestone node of the project department.

The 33kV submarine cable project of the Saudi Red Sea Project is the first such project undertaken by the company, including the whole process of submarine cable route survey, route design, production and delivery of submarine cable, laying, burial and testing.  The submarine cable is designed to be 61.5 kilometers long and has dual functions of power transmission and communication. The starting point is the 110kV substation on Shula Island, and the end point is Umahat 9-3 Island and Umahat 9-5 Island Resort, which are far away from the coastline.

At the beginning of the submarine cable project, the project department carefully studied the terms of the contract and analyzed the characteristics of the power supply circuit. After several rounds of negotiations with the owner, the original double-circuit submarine cable was finally optimized into a single circuit, saving about 150 million yuan in project costs.  Before the laying of the submarine cable, according to the environmental protection needs of Red Sea Company and the geographical conditions of the Red Sea, the construction operation plan was carefully studied, and finally a more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly burial method was adopted for the laying and backfilling of the submarine cable.

During the submarine cable laying process, the project department overcame the adverse effects of strong winds and complex operating conditions at sea, and completed the laying, burial and backfilling of all submarine cables in only 54 days.  High praise from the owner.

The Saudi Red Sea Project Department will continue to uphold the iron army spirit of "self-improvement, perseverance, science, and transcendence", carry forward the work style of "initiative, responsibility, and perseverance", keep the mission in mind, work hard, and complete subsequent tasks with high quality and efficiency.