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The off-site NOKO station and overhead line of the South African Red Stone Project were electrified successfully once


At 16:30 p.m. of November 24, South Africa time, the off-site NOKO station and overhead lines of the Hongshi project were powered successfully once, marking the successful completion of another important node of the project.

One bay is designed for NOKO station outside the site of South Africa’s Redstone Project, with a total length of 30kM overhead lines and 121 overhead towers. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the power receiving work, the Project Department planned and deployed in advance, developed a detailed self inspection process and safety measures program. After the active cooperation and orderly work of various departments and disciplines, all defects were closed before the power receiving, realizing the zero defect handover of the substation, which was highly praised by the local power grid Eskom and the owner.

The South African Red Stone Project Department will continue to fully carry forward the iron army spirit of "self-improvement, perseverance, science and transcendence", give full play to its management and technical advantages, ensure high-quality promotion of all work, build the South African Red Stone Project into a high-quality demonstration project, and write a new chapter for the vigorous development of the company’s overseas business!