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The SS Power I Project in Bangladesh water system successfully produced qualified desalinated water


At 7:56 PM on August 1,the SS Power I Project in Bangladesh chemical water system successfully produced qualified desalinated water. The electrical conductivity of desalted brine is 0.1μs/cm, which is less than the standard requirement of 0.15μs/cm. The system runs normally, which marks the successful completion of another major milestone node of the project.

In order to ensure the smooth production of qualified desalinated water in the chemical water system, the project department focused on high standards of installation and commissioning, advanced planning, careful deployment, detailed professional division of labor, coordination of various specialties, integration of resource allocation, strict supervision of problem rectification and implementation, and improvement of system isolation measures. When the assembly size of ultrafiltration accessories and seawater reverse osmosis energy recovery device is not suitable, and the acid and alkali meter box ejector can not be used, the commissioning and installation of professional, take the initiative to negotiate solutions with the manufacturer on site, and work overtime day and night to overcome equipment problems, to ensure the smooth progress of the commissioning work. The project department strictly controls the safety control and quality control of the chemical water system to ensure that the chemical water system can successfully produce qualified desalinated water.

The system can produce qualified desalinated water successfully, which provides an important guarantee for the subsequent commissioning of each sub-system. Next, the project will fully implement the Wang Li chairman years work conference spirit, in order to increase efficiency, cost reduction implements real-time control for project target cost of each link, improve work efficiency, go all out for this moment, to break the dilemma, open new bureau, dig latent, mass transfer efficiency, deep understanding of "hero" with outstanding achievement appraisal guide, constantly improve optimization assessment mechanism, Strive to achieve the company’s interests and personal interests of the "win-win" goal, and continue to promote the project efficiency, benefit synchronized improvement, comprehensive promote the Project Department’s annual work tasks efficiently and successfully completed.