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Iraq Garraf Project #3 Gas Turbine Generator Successfully Placed


On June 28, the No. 3 gas turbine generator of the Garraf project in Iraq was hoisted into place, marking the successful completion of another important milestone of the project. So far, the hoisting of all large equipment in the Garraf project in Iraq has been successfully completed.

This type of generator is 10.07 meters long, 4.51 meters wide, 3.51 meters high, and weighs 115.8T. The project attaches great importance to this hoisting work, planning ahead, organizing scientifically, and continuously optimizing and upgrading under the careful guidance of Yuan Haifeng, the chief engineer of the Dubai company and manager of the technical department. During the hoisting process, the staff of the project took the initiative to take the responsibility, and they overcame the impact of extreme high temperature and sandstorm weather on the site. The equipment was successfully hoisted and put in place on the day of arrival, which showed the strong execution of the project department and was highly praised by the owner.

The smooth placement of the No. 3 gas turbine generator greatly encouraged the morale of all the staff of the project and laid a good foundation for the subsequent installation work. In the next step, under the correct leadership of the company, the project will continue to make persistent efforts, not arrogant or impetuous, with all the energy to face the difficulties, and make every effort to promote the follow-up construction tasks to ensure that the annual production target of the project will be achieved on schedule!