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Saudi Riyadh PP13 project HRSG23 waste heat boiler hydraulic test successfully


On May 4, 2022, the hydraulic test of the HRSG23 of the PP13 project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was successful once, marking the success completion of another major milestone of the project, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent boiler insulation, picking, pipe blowing and commissioning work.

The total water volume of each system that HRSG23participates in the hydrostatic test is 420 cubic meters, according to the requirements of the manufacturer and the ASME manual, the hydrostatic test of 1.5 times the design pressure of the six systems of the HRSG is carried out, and the test pressure of the HP system is 22.35MPa; the test pressure of HP ECO system is 33.45MPa; the test pressure of the IP system is 7.8MPa; the test pressure of the IP ECO system is 13.65MPa; the test pressure of the LP system is 1.95MPa; the test pressure LP ECO system is 6.525MPa.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the water pressure test of the waste heat boiler, the project strictly follows the predetermined plan, closely plans, scientifically deploys, cooperates with various departments, actively organizes a comprehensive inspection and real-time monitoring of each system, and strictly controls safety and quality. With the unremitting efforts of the project, the hydraulic test was successfully completed, and all the tested equipment had no rupture leakage, residual deformation, etc., which was highly praised by the owner and AI.

The success of the HRSG23 hydraulic test provides a strong guarantee for the smooth development of subsequent work. In the next step, the project will continue to carry forward the work style of “active, responsible, persistent”, adhere to both epidemic prevention and control and project promotion, and forge ahead for the successful completion of various tasks and goals in 2022.