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Saudi Red Sea Project Solid Cooling Command Center pours the raft foundation of the DCP1 cold storage tank

After a night of hard work ,At 14:00 on April 17, as the last concrete slowly flowed out of the pump truck pipeline, the raft of the DCP1 TES tank of the Saudi Red Sea Project Solid Cooling Command Center was successfully poured, with a total pouring of 3800m³.

In order to ensure the successful completion of the raft foundation pouring of the DCP1 TES tank, the project department planned in advance, prepared all the materials , Equipped 6 pump trucks (four works two backups) and 28 mixer trucks, arranged the construction plan in an orderly manner, and carefully organized related The professional and cooperative team made a detailed safety technical disclosure of the key links and important factors affecting the foundation pouring. During the pouring process, various departments and teams are seamlessly connected and closely cooperated, and management personnel take turns on duty and track the whole process. A special person is responsible for the coordination of concrete and keeps in constant communication with the mixing station to ensure that the concrete can be delivered to the site in a timely manner as required; a special person manages the concrete pouring construction to ensure that the concrete is vibrated evenly, fully and without vibration leakage. The owner and the mixing plant estimated the pouring time to be as long as 30 hours. Under the correct guidance of the project leader and the unremitting efforts of all parties, the pouring time was shortened to 17.5 hours, and the raft foundation of the TES tank was completed with high quality, high standard and high efficiency. The pouring work has been highly recognized and praised by the project development company TRSDC, the owner ACWA and the batching plant.

At present, each area of ??the project has entered the peak period of construction. The project will integrate the concept of "site is the market" into every link of the construction, with efficient on-site execution and a work attitude of excellence, work together and overcome difficulties to ensure that various Successful completion of work tasks.