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SWCC and SEPCOIII Signed a New Annual Operation and Maintenance Contract for the Saudi Ras Al Khair Project


On November 14, The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) and the Saudi branch of SEPCOIII signed a new annual operation and maintenance contract for the Saudi Ras Al Khair project.

Saudi Ras Al Khair project relies on the advantages of EPCO whole industrial chain,overcome many difficulties caused by the global epidemic, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, and complete the tasks of power generation and steam supply with high standards. In April 2021, the maximum output test of Ras Al Khair Power Plant was completed  with excellent performance indicators. Ras Al Khair Power Plant to continue to be the best project in various internal assessments of the owner. With its high-quality services and good technical capabilities, the Saudi Ras Al Khair project operation and maintenance team has been highly praised by the owner’s senior and on-site management team many times, laying a solid foundation for the negotiation of new operation and maintenance contracts.