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Saudi Arabia Riyadh PP14 Project Gas Pipeline Flow Gas to Power Plant Area and Gas Turbine Connect to the National Grid

At 14:00 on July 13, Saudi Arabia local time, the gas composition of the PP14 project power plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was qualified, and the gas station of the power plant successfully flowed gas, marking the successful completion of the work of the gas pipeline PMCC-1.

The gas pipeline of PP14 power plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia provides natural gas for PP14 combined cycle power plant and supports the conversion of fuel from crude oil to gas for PP10 combined cycle power plant. The gas pipeline is connected from the main line of Aramco, which is 17.5km long and DN1200mm and DN700mm in diameter, including two stations of the launcher area and the receiver area. After ventilation, it will provide 100 million cubic meters of natural gas to the two projects annually.