What is the SEPCOIII's concept of talent development ?

Willingness, capability and good performance.

what is the sepcoiii's concept of employment ?

Matching one's ability to his/her position, being ready for both promotion and demotion.

What is the SEPCOIII's concept of peroformance ?

Results are based on performance.

Performance management is a significant way in improving competence of the Company and its employees, as well as implementation of the Company’s strategy.

More emphasis is laid on performance of the team than of individuals.

How Do I Apply ?

Our application process varies depending on the type of role you're applying for and which country it's in. Most commonly once you've submitted your application, your application will be reviewed by recruitment who will decide whether to invite you to an interview. It could be over the phone, a video call or in person. 

Could I Get Feedback if I'm not successful ?

Due to the amount of applications we receive each day, we can't always give individual feedback in the first stages of our application process.  In all cases, however, you will receive a final decision notification.