About us

Corporate Culture

Our Mission

To build excellent projects, fulfill customers’ aspirations and promote the welfare of society.


Excellent projects are the pursuits of SEPCOIII which is characterized by cost-efficiency, high safety and excellent workmanship.

SEPCOIII offers customers major cost savings, rapid revenue generation and a thriving business by building excellent projects.

SEPCOIII promotes the local economy and the welfare of society by building excellent projects.

Our Vision

To be an incorporate group of investment, construction and operation, to play the leading role in global power construction EPC field.


SEPCOIII aims to be the top brand in China’s electric power construction industry. To be the top brand, it must have high customer satisfaction and reputation, the largest market share, the highest profitability and the highest productivity per worker. It must also have the strongest competitive edge and strongest capacity for sustainable development, and the highest level of engineering technology, management, and the quality of its employees.

SEPCOIII aims to be the leader in global power construction EPC field.

To be the leader in EPC field, SEPCOIII aims to become the constant leader in the EPC market among Chinese enterprises and to set a good example and symbol for Chinese corporations in the EPC market. SEPCOIII aims to become the most competitive enterprise among power construction enterprises worldwide. SEPCOIII shall form its special and stable competitive advantages in several aspects, which include engineering design, engineering procurement, engineering construction and engineering maintenance and so on. 

SEPCOIII aims to be the most work-fulfilling organization for professionals in the electric power construction industry.