About us

Corporate Culture

Our Mission

To build excellent projects, fulfill customers' aspirations and promote the welfare of society.


Excellent projects are the pursuits of SEPCOIII which is characterized by cost-efficiency, high safety and excellent workmanship.

SEPCOIII offers customers major cost savings, rapid revenue generation and a thriving business by building excellent projects.

SEPCOIII promotes the local economy and the welfare of society by building excellent projects.

Our Vision

Forging the world's No. 1 brand of power construction, and building an international first-class engineering company.


We are committed to building the world's first brand of power construction.

The No.1 brand of power construction in the world should have the largest market share, the best customer satisfaction and reputation, the strongest market competitiveness and the highest sustainable development ability, which should be the model and target for all power construction enterprises in the world to learn from and catch up with.

We hope to become a first-class international engineering company.

A world-class engineering company needs to reach a first-class level of capabilities in all aspects of international market development, EPCO chain integration, contract compliance, project profitability, risk management, enterprise branding and sustainable development, as well as building a team of talented professionals.