Sustainability And Compliance

ZERO Tolerance for bribery and corruption activities

SEPCOIII(The Company)believes how results are obtained matters just as much as the results themselves.Weare committed to honest,ethical behavior wherever wh do business.
A reputation for ehical conduct is a priceless corporate asset.As such,ethical standards must be a part of our business each and every day.The Company complies with all govern-
ment laws,rules,and regulations applicable to its business and supports the eradication of corruption so that each country's revenues are used for their proper purpose.
Consistent with the International Compliance Standards and the Anti- Corruption Policy,the Company has had a long-standing commitment to compliance whit the U.S.Foreign
Corrupt Practices ACT,the U.K.Bribery Act,and the anti-bribery laws of all of the countries and territories in which the Company dose business.
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SEPCOIII Compliance Guide