About us

Brand Connotation

Blue is the colour of the sea and sky. It represents a clean environment free from pollution; it expresses peace and safety; it implies a capacious nature; it conveys the sense of reason and technology; it means the idea of pioneering and innovation; it symbolizes social progress and civilization.

As brand identity, blue represents technology, advancement, security and environment-friendliness. In other words, SEPCOIII possesses highly developed technology, pays attention to safety, cares about environment protection, and loves nature and the Earth, our only home.

Orange represents brightness and warmth; it symbolizes success and joy, fortune and power, maturity and wisdom.

As brand identity, the hue gradation of orange conveys friendliness and warmth, implies that electric power provides heat and light, and it highlights the fact that technology brings us a comfortable and pleasant living. Technology not only makes contribution to the industrial development, but also dedicates itself to the welfare of individuals.

Blue and orange are used to highlight safety and security, environment protection, technology and innovation, conveying exactly our pursuits of bringing brightness and warmth to human kind.